Tyler’s work focuses on photography, sculpture and bookmaking. His work revolves around family, memory, personal struggles, and how shared experiences can benefit the collective (society). He is interested in the ways that our shared experiences shape us into who we are. He wants to capture the emotions connected to experiences because those feelings hold value for everyone.  Chumney uses images of objects and places that remind him of memories and feelings from his upbringing, specifically about the relationship he has with his mother. As well as using objects that hold emotional baggage that are directly related to the relationships he has. He wants the viewer to feel the experiences and emotions that he places into his work. The work is a glimpse into the head of the artist, the images representing the experiences and emotions that have shaped Tyler. He believes shared experiences are the glue that holds us together without it we wouldn’t be able to relate and understand one another. 

contact: tylernchumney@gmail.com


Group Shows

At Midnight - Ashton Art Gallery - San Diego, California


Throwaways - Lose the Film - Fall 2020